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CHS Student Register For 1904 Is Of Interest

(from the Coleman Chronicle or Democrat-Voice, probably 1960's.)

Charles Shepherd, in a recent check through some family records, turned up an old student register for Coleman High School which is of considerable interest.  It is believed that the register is either for the school year that started in 1904 or 1905. Shepherd’s father, T. E. D. Shepherd, was high school principal at the time and J. E. Hickman was superintendent.  The school was then located where South Ward School now stands.

Girls listed in the book included: Florence Austin, StelIa Beaumont, Eleanor Brochey, Mollie Bassett, Ola Baird, Maggie Beck, Betty Bartholomew, Stella Cole, Susie Cole, Ethel Clark, Nell Dunn, Lois Estes, Gillie Grady, Bearnice Garrett, Edna Greer, Lilly Halbert, Lizzie Hines, Mattie Horn (Horne), Edna Hicks, Florine Jackson, Margie Martin, Eula Mahaffy, Eunice Mahaffy, Essye Martin, Carrie Newsom, Mary Paddleford, Trunion Roby (Robey), Lilly Savage, Marjorie Starkweather, Alma Thompson, Dovie Taland (Toland), Margie Vanhoos, Bertha Walker, Mary Wood, Mae Wilson, Cora Walker, Mary Cochran and Connie Edgerton.

Boys listed in the book included: Roy Howell, Halkert Halbert, Martinead Johnson, Houston Lewis, George Reid, Press Reynolds, Nathaniel Simmons, Grady Mahaffy, Dave Snodgrass, Will Rude, Walter Gann, Marvin McClure, Charley Pitts, Rodger Burgess, Zack DibrelI, Elbre Colbert, Leonard Jennings, Homer Pearce, Orrin Turner, Alexander Crawford, Walter Martin, Ollie Martin and Vollie Jennings.

The student register was actually a complete report form for the school administrator, including a breakdown on students, enrollment, condition and improvements in the school plant, amount of taxes collected, and inventory of equipment.

In the back of the book were instructions from State Superintendent Arthur Lefevre, dated September 1, 1904.  These instructions pointed out that the studies required by law to be taught in all public schools in this state included orthography, reading in English, penmanship, arithmetic, English grammar, composition, geography, physiology and hygiene, mental arithmetic, Texas history, United States history and civil government.  Also, a law enacted by the 28th Legislature (met in 1903) required that “suitable instruction shall be given in the primary grades once each week, regarding kindness to animals of the brute creation and the protection of birds and their nests and eggs.”

The register also included a listing of books adopted by the State Textbook Board, which required only two-thirds of a page.  The retail price on these books ranged from four cents to 90 cents, while the exchange price was considerably less.  Some of the books were available with either cloth or board backs ... the cloth being some higher.

The register included a breakdown of grades one through ten.  It was years before the school went to 11 grades, and then to 12 grades.

(Note from Ralph Terry, your CHS historian:  Many shown in the above list were in the class of 1907.  Others are older, so must have been in classes of 1904, 1905, or 1906.)

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