CHS Nifty Class of 1960

Ongoing Events in the DFW Area

Next Event - September 10 - Dallas area

July 30, 2000

On July 30, Barbara and Weston Winter hosted the DFW area members of the Coleman High School Class of 1960 at the Saltgrass Steak House in Arlington.   Some of the attendees of the first get together were unable to attend and a number of others not at the first event came - for a total of 27. Along with area people there were folks from Coleman, Waco, and Oklahoma.  Fantastic!
It was great to see Ann (Jones) and Barney Cleghorn, Freddie (Turner) and Jim Holybee, Carol (Griffith) and John Gaston, Jerry and Oslene Smith and Michael and Carol Tinney all from Waco; Frances Lee (Rudolph) and John Galey, Pat (Blake) and Leroy Melrose and their daughter from Oklahoma City; July (Kemp) and Roy Ferris, Martha (Miller) and Dennis Hoffman, Jane (Elliott) and Ted Ehrler from Coleman; Stanley and Nit Tubbs from Duncan Oklahoma, Don and Mary Alice (Terry) Larson, and Barbara (Moore) and Weston Winter. 
As with the first meeting, 3 hours was far too little time for all the visiting, laughing, joking and story telling everyone had to share.  Everyone is making plans to be in Coleman for the Reunion of CHS Class of 1960 ~ OUR FABULOUS 40TH!
Frances Lee (Rudolph) Galey agreed to arrange the next event - she said something about "Red Hot and Blue"...  Barbecue, Folks!  So make your plans to come visiting.  With consideration to Labor Day weekend, the group will meet on Sunday, September 10, details as they develop.
Remember, EVERYONE WHO WAS EVER A PART OF THIS GANG IS WELCOME -  just contact Frances Lee or one of us for directions if needed!
See you all on October 7 in Coleman, at the very latest!